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Maintenance For Solar Panels

Solar Thermal Imaging smallRegular maintenance of your solar panels is an essential aspect of ensuring your solar panels are kept at their optimum operating efficiency. If you never cleaned your windows, eventually they would stop letting light into your property. You would not dream of doing that and the same principal applies to your solar panels.

We use thermal imaging technology to esily identify individual panel issues with your existing panels. 

Thermal Solar

Checking the performance of the components of your system on a regular basis is key to maximising your return over time. This could be checking connections, pumps etc. but of course also, the actual fixings holding the solar panels to your roof should be checked regularly to ensure they are remaining in excellent, safe condition.

All other components must be regularly checked to ensure they are in perfect working order.

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In the event of a complaint you can follow the RECC complaints procedure. Simply click on the RECC logo above to view.

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