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Panel Cleaning



Could I just clean my panels myself?
Yes, you could. We don’t just clean your panels, we use specialist equipment and the purest water. Panel manufacturers are coming under fire from manufacturing defects. Using professionals to clean your panels may just save you some aggravation in the future. We may also identify issues the untrained eye would miss. 

A PV periodic Inspection?
Yes, the IET recommend that domestic electrics are tested at regular intervals. There is no such recommendation yet for PV electrics but DC power is not vastly different from AC in its behaviour. Loose cbonnections, arc’s and overheating can all still occur and reduce the output of your system, causingpotentially life threatening injuries. 

Is Thermal Imaging really necessary?
Thermal imaging is optional in our range of plans. It does however show in a lot more detail potential failures of components before they happen. This means problems can be pre-empted and save on lost revenue and power in the future. It can also help identify whether components are operating within their performance warranty.

I have panels on more than one roof, and scaffolding will be required, does the price change?
Yes, scaffolding and multiple orientation roof’s need to be custom quoted. Our equipment does cover two storey buildings with ease however, so unless you have a very tall 2 storey home we should be able to honour our pricing.

What is the benefit of signing up to a direct debit?
In addition to the price reduction on our plans you will also be given access to our online portal. This portal allows you 24/7 access to all your previous reports, servicing history, energy saving tips, email reminders and an online booking service. Existing Solar Power GB Ltd customers will also be able to retrieve all their original installation documentation.


Available Plans

Panel Cleaning: Using filtered, pure water we will clean your panels which will increase the power output and remove any dirt or debris to keep the exterior of you home looking good!

1 off Clean £45 - 2 cleans Annually £7 a Month (£84 for 2 cleans on a 3 year plan) (inc VAT)

PV Periodic Inspection: A PV periodic inspection allows us to ensure your system is functioning correctly & safely. There are more and more reports of “PV Fires” across the globe, a very basic inspection of the components can help to prevent this from happening.

1 off Inspection £129 - Or £10 a Month (£120 on a 3 year plan) (inc VAT)

PV & Energy PLUS Inspection: A PV Energy PLUS inspection includes the same tasks as carried out in a periodic inspection and additional reporting that provides you with specific details about the performance of your system. We will also provide you with upto 5 thermal images of the outside of your home to show you where energy & heat are being lost, allowing you to make the right energy saving decisions in the future!

1 off Inspection £249 - Or £19 per Month (£228 on a 3 year plan) (inc VAT)


Alternative Plans! 

We can also provide plans for business and larger scale PV installations. Call for Details. 3 Year in depth service plans available from £15 per Month. Call for Details. ASK us about our Platinum, Gold & Silver Plans for FULL peace of Mind. 


We quite often get asked by customers whether they should have their panels cleaned and whether their system needs any servicing. Whilst many systems out there are correctly designed and correctly installed we are coming up against many manufacturers defects that are drastically affecting system performance, more worryingly customers don’t seem to be aware they are losing money! 

Using our specialist equipment and industry knowledge we can now offer in depth inspections to give you complete peace of mind that your investment is producing as much for you as it possibly can.

Our records indicate that you have at some time in the past used our services. So, as a valued customer we are offering you a limited time discount on all plans as detailed above.


Solar Panels

PV Solar - How can you make money whilst saving the planet?

If you were told that every time you used electricity in your home or business you could be paid for it, you would probably think that was ridiculous. 

But under a new government scheme your electricity provider will pay you back for the green energy you produce.  Solar panels are an even more viable alternative to the environmentally damaging and expensive fossil fuels presently used. 

How it works: 

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels fitted to your roof harness the free and renewable energy of the sun to power your heating, lights and appliances.  

A government 'feed-in tariff' scheme pays you for the electricity you produce – an estimated £900 a year for your solar energy (based on a 4Kw south facing system in Brighton) – in addition to your electricity bill savings.

If your solar panels produce more electricity than you use, it goes back into the national grid for other people and you get paid for this, too.  This payment is also tax free and rises with inflation. 

In order to receive the rate of tariff advertised your building will need an epc rating of band "d" or above.

You'll receive a serious return on your investment as the savings and energy cashback will eventually cover the cost of installation – and more.  Your installed energy meter will tell you just how much you are earning. 

It doesn't have to be sunny to work - your solar panel will produce energy even on cloudy days. 


If you are interested in solar PV for your home or office, call Solar Power GB on 0800 7555 317 or send us an email.



Solar System Servicing - Thermal and PV systems

With a pioneering system such as solar hot water (thermal), you'll want to be certain an experienced engineer is on hand to keep your solar system working.

Whether you'd like an engineer to make repairs or are in the trade yourself and need advice in fitting 
a leading edge solar system, Solar Service can provide you with assistance from knowledgeable and experienced experts.

If you are a builder or engineer, you can:

  1. Receive advice from Bpec certified experts on how to install a solar hot water system.
  2. Get assistance in removing or fitting solar panels when carrying out roof replacements.
  3. Call on Solar Service to make repairs to solar panels and full systems on your behalf.

If you’re a home or commercial building owner and you've bought a solar system for your home or 

office you can ensure your system remains effective. You can:

Get one-off maintenance and repairs to solar panels and any part of the solar system by one of our experienced teams across the UK.
Ensure you're never without heating by setting up an ongoing maintenance contract.

If you haven't yet discovered Solar Power, you can find out how it might work for your home or office 
by visiting Solar Power GB.

Call us today on 01376 44 00 00 for a no obligation chat about your solar panel installation and how we could increase your electricity producing efficiency.

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Maintenance For Solar Panels

Solar Thermal Imaging smallRegular maintenance of your solar panels is an essential aspect of ensuring your solar panels are kept at their optimum operating efficiency. If you never cleaned your windows, eventually they would stop letting light into your property. You would not dream of doing that and the same principal applies to your solar panels.

We use thermal imaging technology to esily identify individual panel issues with your existing panels. 

Thermal Solar

Checking the performance of the components of your system on a regular basis is key to maximising your return over time. This could be checking connections, pumps etc. but of course also, the actual fixings holding the solar panels to your roof should be checked regularly to ensure they are remaining in excellent, safe condition.

All other components must be regularly checked to ensure they are in perfect working order.

Call us today on 01376 44 00 00 for a no obligation chat about your solar panel installation and how we could increase your electricity producing efficiency.

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